3 Rules to winterize your skin

October 31, 2019

Welcome to winterizing your skin. The first rule of winterizing your skin: Moisturize. The second rule of winterizing your skin: Protect. The third rule of winterizing your skin: Go back to the first rule and repeat! 


Temperatures are dropping outside which means the heat is turned up indoors dehydrating our skin just as much as Mother Nature is challenging it with her blustery winds. Moisturizers are going to be your ally whether you are spending your days indoors or on the slopes. Choose a moisturizer that will work with your skin type. Right now I am loving LimeLight by Alcone's Calm Balm which is great for my sensitive skin (Also great for oily skin. Yes, you need moisturizers too!) If your skin is typically on the drier side, they also have Skin Therapist, packed with all the right natural ingredients to let Mother Nature know she is not to mess with your skin.



Did you know the sun shines 365 days a year? Even though in some areas of the country it feels like it packs its bags from November to April and heads to the tropics, the sun is still there and that means we are still catching its rays. Sun exposure contributes to most of our skin damage, so even though you can't see or feel the sun for that matter, it is super duper extremely important you are applying an SPF to your beautiful face daily. Aveda has a great fluid sunscreen, Daily Light Guard, which glides on perfectly after your moisturizer and under your makeup.



Following these simple rules may not keep the chilly northern winds from blowing, but they will keep your face hydrated, protected and looking radiant as ever.


Stay warm,






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